10 "Golden Rules" You Should Know When Starting an Online Store

June 7th at 3:34am WAYNE WINDSON

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With improved technology, the way we do things are getting better and easier. Endless opportunities are offered by e-commerce as we are offered an affordable, quick and easy way of carrying out business on the Internet. It is, however, important that a plan is made so that the business can be profitable and last long. Virtually anything is currently being sold on the Internet through ecommerce. Even if you are an ardent believer in the traditional store, this shouldn’t prevent you from having an online presence. The online store can be an addition to your traditional store as it would also benefit you in the long run. As suggestion by a Melbourne based adwords management company, Weboptimizers, you should try to have a maximum potential and ideal customers’ reach by using various offline and online marketing strategies when you decide to start an online store. Here are 10 golden rules that you should follow.

1. Create A Business Plan and Marketing the Right Ways

It is important to have a detailed strategy that will help you get your goods online. Your business plan could include the look of your site, customers’ engagement, backup plan, expenses you need for other fees, shipping costs and manufacturing. If you will be able to give guarantees, your programming experience and who would be in charge of the technical aspect of the market.

It is very vital to market your online store after you have launched it. Before people can patronize your online store, they must first of all be aware that your online store exists. They should also know what you have to offer (the goods and services that are on sale in your store). SEO, email marketing and social media are major tools you can take advantage of to market your store. Especially you should research some Pay per Click advertising techniques. In other words, it called cost per click which is an internet advertising model for directing user’s traffic to your website. It is the way of purchasing visits to your online store website. Once your store starts running and people get to know about it, then they will surely visit and make purchases.

2. Select Your Products

Just like the traditional store, you cannot start a store without knowing what you intend to sell in the store. You should know products and services that are in high demand by the people. You can then sell these products so that those who need these products can then patronize you. If you have the capital, you can sell a lot of goods, so that people can get several product types in your store. You might also decide to sell just a particular product type or few product types.

3. Have Knowledge Of Your Target Audience

If you have made up your mind on the types of product you intend to make available in your online store, it is vital to carry out a survey to engage and capture the audience you are targeting. You should also ensure that your products are one that people would desire and that they would be willing to patronize you, despite the fact that you are just starting. Use intelligence in business to understand the competitive nature of your business, and try to use this understanding to your advantage by exploiting weaknesses of the particular market.

4. Store Features

Every part of your store matters a lot. This includes the overall look of the store’s website including fonts, color and template. Amongst the first thing that your visitors, customers and prospective customers would see on your site is the look. Ensure that it is neither too cluttered nor messy. Make sure that there are no contradictory colors and fonts. Ensure that it is secure and informative. Put comment boxes, where people can post their comments. The comments should be visible to every visitor to the site.

5. Test the Waters

When carrying out sales and purchases in the traditional store, festivals, consignments and flea markets ways of selling are recommended. You do this before you finally open your online store. This also applies to selling on the Internet. You can attempt to, first of all, sell particular goods through social network platforms. When more people start demanding for your products and services, you can then add more goods to your store. It is also important and of benefit that you have a site where potential buyers and customers can get to you directly.

6. Make Your Budget

Your finances are also very important when it comes to setting up an online store. It is important to draw up your budget as well as your target audience. You should know what the estimated amount is, that you would need to set up the store. You should also ensure that after creating your budget, it would be okay to also add an additional 20 percent, just in case you have to exceed your budget. All of these are very important while setting up your online store. This is because money is always one of the most important aspects of getting things done. The more money you have to spare, the more options you have at getting the best job done.

7. Domain Name Registration

It is vital that the domain name of your online store is catchy, easy to remember and short. There is the need for the domain name to be unique and it should be in tandem with your business or brand. You can browse through as many names as possible until you notice the one you are most comfortable with and that suits your business the most.

8. Method of Payment

The method of payment for your online store is very important. You should ensure that it is easy for people to pay and that as many online means of payment as possible should be accepted. These should include MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, debit and credit cards amongst others. You should also make sure that the payment details of customers are protected. This is because some people are still scared of giving out their payment details online due to security.

9. User-friendly Software

You would need to select software that would aid people in seeing what you have to sell as well as help them to make purchases. The necessary information of the customer would also need to be stored by the software. It is vital that the software have the capability to run on all devices and platforms. This is more so with more people doing most of their browsing on their mobile phone as opposed to their wireless devices.


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